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Alaiedon Elementary

The Alaiedon team has developed a list of materials and efforts to use Foundation Grant dollars. These include Reward and supplemental materials for What I need (WIN); painted enhancements to the playground asphalt; Team Building with Bill Cecil for 4th and 5th grades including content on confidence, kindness, goal setting, and Best Year Ever!; Play works training and materials; poster maker; and a lost and found organizer.

Harvey Education Center

The Harvey Education Center applied their 2021-22 Mason Public Schools Foundation grant to the purchase of a new swing set. The students and staff LOVE it!

North Aurelius Elementary

North Aurelius Elementary School is using their grant dollars to fund their restorative justice program this school year. With Restorative Justice (RJ), a restorative justice facilitator, Ms. D’Nai Boyd, from the Resolution Services Center of Central Michigan is at North Aurelius for two days a week to facilitate the RJ process. Restorative practices are peaceful conflict resolution tools that bring together students who have experience conflict, in pursuit of finding common ground and transforming relationships. Ms. Boyd regularly meets with students at North Aurelius, and she has been a tremendous benefit to helping students work through conflict and be successful at school. Additionally, they have found that restorative justice has helped reduce office referrals and suspensions at North Aurelius.

Special Education Department

The special education department purchased a series of books designed for non-verbal students, a personalized learning web-based system for students, several iPad communication devices. They are also planning on buying and installing playground communication boards for the elementary buildings.

Steele Elementary

In an effort to increase student safety, Steele Elementary has purchased additional walkie-talkies to improve staff communication. The remaining balance is earmarked for enhancements upon completion of the new building. One example is indoor and outdoor sensory paths.