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Thanks to the hard work and generosity of the Mason Public School Foundation, Mason High School was able to invest $20,000 into classrooms where teachers and students now have more opportunities to learn and grow together!  Many projects across the school were funded to benefit students.


$300 was allocated so that students involved in our art courses will benefit from watercolor brushes and gel pens which will improve the precision and production quality of our student’s visual artwork


$2,000 was allocated to purchase an outdoor speaker system and microphone which will allow the marching band instructors to communicate with the 125-150 students while at outdoor rehearsals and events.


$250 was allocated to purchase a set of aneroid sphygmomanometer / stethoscope kits for students enrolled in Anatomy, Physiology of Life, and AP Biology.


$2,250 was allocated to purchase digital cameras to be used by students in Yearbook.  The older Yearbook cameras will be repurposed and used by students in our Photoshop and Digital Media classes.


$1,350 was allocated to purchase 2 cloud chambers which will allow students to better understand the phenomenon taking place in the Nuclear Chemistry unit.

Earth and Space Science

Earth and Space Science is a new State of Michigan Science requirement.  $3,500 was allocated to purchase a plethora of items mostly around spectroscopy, which is the fundamental building block for how we study space.

Environmental Science

$800 was allocated to purchase water quality testing kits for students exploring Environmental Science.  These kits will also be utilized in AP Biology.

Family and Consumer Science

$2,000 was allocated to purchase 2 Real Care infant simulators.  Students in our Child Development courses will use these resources to learn about how to care for a child.

Library Media Center

The Library Media Center is used as a facility for learning and for presenting learning.  Our current equipment used for students and staff to demonstrate and present new learning is outdated.  $2,000 was invested to provide students and staff with up-to-date equipment to share their learning with others.

Special Education

Many of our special needs students need sensory equipment they can access to seek a sense of calm, comfort, or to self-regulate their behavior.  $575 was allocated to purchase equipment that will provide this service to some of our neediest students.


Adding technology tools to advance creative thinking will continue to be advanced due to a $5,000 allocation for the purchase of a water jet 2D cutter.  The remaining $6,000 to purchase this equipment for art, technology, and robotics classes will be funded through the Robotics program.